It’s time to recognize the great work, perseverance and talent of expert professionals in the different areas and topics that surround the world of Human Resources in Latin America!

What is #HRInfluencersLatAm

#HRInfluencersLatAm is the first Latin American ranking composed by Human Resources experts and leaders whose knowledge and influence enrich the work of many professionals in the region. They do so through different face-to-face and digital media, making their content and valuable insights available to all. The ranking is the result of the vote and opinion of Human Resources professionals of Latin America whom with their participation allow to recognize professionals that reflect some of the following characteristics:

They are active in the industry and have dealt with the typical challenges and experiences present in the workplace.

Share their knowledge
They are constantly publishing new research, blog posts, books, and are active on LinkedIn with articles, updates, among others.

Push ideas forward
They are able to take an idea, a word or any topic that is leading the current discussion and go beyond a simple trend, inspiring others to action.

Have a authentic voice and point of view
They stand out from the rest and are capable of generating debates, discussions and conversations on topics of interest for Human Resources to enhance knowledge and mutual learning.

Participating is very easy!

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If you want to nominate someone who doesn’t appear in the complete list just complete the requested fields in the survey.

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To facilitate your vote we have created a list of possible influencers based on some indicators such as: digital presence, people who in our experience stand out for leading organizational changes, provide consultancies, share content, conduct research and innovate around Human Resources.

We have considered publications in different media outlets and the experience of each nominee. Leaders, speakers and authors that seem to be synonymous with some of the diverse pieces that make up the Human Resources puzzle. All are active online in various formats and channels, making it easy to continuously learn from them and their practices.


Key data this great initiative #HRInfluencersLatAm left us



Men make up our Top 100

of the Top 25 are women

TOP 100

#1. Marcelo Nobrega
Diretor de Recursos Humanos
Arcos Dourados
#2. Héctor Gómez
Director de Recursos Humanos
#3. Patricio Millar
Consultor Recursos Humanos
Millar Asociados
#4. Fernando Troilo
Talent & Rewards Practice Leader
#5. Juliana Barbosa
Director, Speaker, Instructor and Consultant
JBEO Consultoria e Desenvolvimento em RH
#6. Andrés Hatum
Professor in Management & Organization
Universidad Torcuato Di Tella
#7. Rafael Bergés
Gerente de Desarrollo Organizacional y Recursos Humanos
Banco Galicía
#8. Ignacio Fernández
Lead Institute Chile
#9. Aminadab Nunes
VP, Operations and People
#10. Gabriela Arellano
HR Director
BBVA Bancomer
#11. Davi Tuffi
Microcamp Tecnologia
#12. Susana Von Der Heide
President & Thinking Partner
Von Der Heide
#13. Juan Manuel Rincón
VP de Gestión Humana
#14. Verónica Pacheco
People Manager
Everis Perú
#15. Paola Santos
HRBP NOLA Centro America and Caribe
#16. Rodrigo Lara
HR Consultant
Instituto ROI
#17. Denisse Goldfarb
HR Lead
#18. Germán Dyzenchauz
CEO & Co-Founder
#19. Alejandro Melamed
Director General
Humanize Consulting
#20. Verónica Melián
Líder de Human Capital para Americas
#21. Mercedes De Belaustegui
Vice President HR
Walt Disney Company
#22. Carolina Borracchia
Employer Branding Specialist
Combo Agency
#23. Andressa Paltiano
Executiva de RH
Experta Corporate
#24. Charles Santana
Gerente de Recursos Humanos
OLX Brasil
#25. Paula Molinari
#26. Sofia Esteves
Presidente do Conselho
Grupo Cia de Talentos
#27. Daphne Baroukh
Head do POP
Escale Brasil
#28. Oscar Galvez
HR Manager
Viajes Falabella
#29. Vivianne Parra
VP de Recursos Humanos
Copa Airlines
#30. Leo Piccioli
Speaker y Escritor
Soluciones que Hablan
#31. Ryu Shiozawa
Great Place to Work
#32. Mariana Talarico
Human Resources Director Latinoamérica
#33. Carla Borges
Global Head of Human Resources
#34. Claudia Senra
Gerente de Recursos Humanos
Pur Equipamentos Ltda
#35. Fabio Rosé
Diretor de Recursos Humanos
L’oréal Brasil
#36. Janet Spröhnle
Directora Ejecutiva
People & Partners
#37. José Ascarza
Gerente de Recursos Humanos
#38. Hermes Ruiz
Responsable de Optimismo y Soluciones WOW
#39. Alejandro Formanchuk
Formanchuk & Asociados
#40. Gustavo Bolio
Director Corporativo de Recursos Humanos
Grupo Brisas
#41. Diego Benenzon
Corporate Human Resources VP
McDonald´s LatAm
#42. Cintia Hassan
CGH Consultora RRHH
#43. Luciana Caletti
Co-founder e CEO
Love Mondays
#44. Andrés Pucheu
Profesor Desarrollo Organizacional y Gestión del Desempeño
Universidad de los Andes
#45. Marcelo Madarász
Regional HR Manager
Parker Hannifin
#46. Paula Jacomo
Head of Human Resources - Latin America
#47. Ana Costa
HR Director
#48. Gonzalo Icasuriaga
CPA Ferrere
#49. Ignacio Casillas
ManpowerGroup Solutions
#50. Martin Stier
Global Head of HR & Marketing & Communications
HP Inc
#51. Pablo Faga
BW Comunicación Interna
#52. Fernando Hernández
Gerente Recursos Humanos
#53. Jaime Leal
Emotional Paycheck Institute
#54. Mardely Vega Ruiz
Latam VP HR
#55. Phillip Wood
Director de Capital Humano e Innovacion
Fundacion Chile - Innovum
#56. Carolina Astaiza
Chief Talent Officer
BBDO Worldwide
#57. Nestor Astete
#58. Ines Temple
Presidente - CEO
#59. Alejandra Cruzat
Gerente de Recursos Humanos
Extended Disc
#60. Enrique Baliño
Xn Partners
#61. Vicky Bloch
Vicky Bloch Associados
#62. Carlos Vivar
Director de Capital Humano
Corporación Lindley S.A.
#63. Vanesa Rosenthal
Consultora y capacitadora
Trend Set
#64. Virginia Paganini
Gerente Recursos Humanos
Brenson Autos SA
#65. Alejandra Ferraro
Geographic Unit HR LATAM Lead
#66. Leandro Pardo
Sub Gerente Zonal
Provincia Microempresas
#67. Susana Cáceres
Socia Directora
Consultora Internal
#68. Mara Schmitman
Schmitman HR
#69. Sebastian Torterolo
Gerente de Recursos Humanos
#70. Karina Awad
Directora de Recursos Humanos & Comunicaciones
Coca-Cola FEMSA
#71. Verónica Carabajal
Consultora en Recursos Humanos
Employer Brand ,Talent and Developing
#72. Mónica Flores
Presidente de ManpowerGroup LATAM y de AMCHAM
ManpowerGroup LATAM
#73. Jean Venegas
Jefe de Atracción y Selección
Minsur S.A.
#74. Hernán Jara
HR Director Southern Cone, Coach & Speaker
Ingredion Incorporated
#75. Patricio Rifo
Director Ejecutivo
RH Management SPA
#76. Rodrigo Garçone
Dedinho Seguro e na Upgradio
#77. Corinna Canale
Gerente de Recursos Humanos
Grupo BAL
#78. Ana Orihuela
Head of HR
AlphaCredit Capital (México)
#79. Claudia Raunich
Directora de HR
American Express
#80. Luciana Montuanelli
Directora de Recursos Humanos & Comunicaciones
Allianz Worldwide Partners
#81. Javier Galaz
Gerente de Recursos Humanos
Extended Disc
#82. Carlos Díaz Lastreto
Coach Ejecutivo
Universidad Católica del Norte
#83. Hilde Schulz
Human Resources Director
HDI Seguros México
#84. Ana Lundberg
HR Director
#85. Daniel Nadborny
Multinational Client Group Leader
#86. Raúl Ortiz
VP de HR
Cisco Latam
#87. Claudia Munera
VP de Gestión Humana
#88. Matias Ghidini
General Manager
#89. Manuel Becerra
Director de HR
Grupo Vidanta
#90. Miriam Villafaña
Directora de Cultura Organizacional
Baker & McKenzie
#91. Mario Ortiz
HR Director
Kellogg Company
#92. Lisette Rencoret
Regional Director Latam
#93. Silvia Henao
Gerente de Recursos Humanos
Alianza Fiduciaria
#94. Daniel Laino
Socio Director
#95. Lina Torres
Gerente de Gestión Humana
Helados Popsy
#96. Federico Muttoni
Advice Consulting
#97. Cristina Oneto
Desarrollo Integral del Liderazgo
Instituto Universitario Escuela Argentina de Negocios
#98. Laila Chartuni
TOP Companies
#99. Lola Esquivias
Manager - Tax & Legal
Michael Page
#100. Israel Fernández
Jefe Corporativo de Comunicación
Grupo Gloria

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